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Welcome to Freestate Productions. We conceptualise and produce audio-visual content for an eclectic mix of clients for broadcast, advertising, museums, art galleries, festivals, events and marketing projects. The company’s focus is in creating new, original and enduring content both for local as well as international markets. Creative achievements in travel, lifestyle, and arts related projects have attracted worldwide interest and acclaim.

Freestate takes satisfaction in creating original content with strong visuals and merging commercial projects with art, is our dedication as well as niche. The company offers comprehensive packages of production services covering all aspects from pre-production to delivery, including co-production and production co- ordination, studio and equipment facilitation for foreign clients.

In addition to offering production related services, we are also the only company in Singapore that distributes Kodak Super 8mm film. Being experts in the field, we deliver a variety of customised Super 8mm filmmaking workshops and seminars to educational and corporate clients.

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