Our growing collection represents documentaries, life-style programmes, info-eds and short films.

We also have a library of footage / AV clips / B-rolls from our extensive archives filmed in many cities in India, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and much more.

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Documentary Titles

A House Of Its Time

Title: A House Of Its Time
Duration: 8 X 30’
Production Year: 2016

Synopsis: A House Of Its Time is an 8-part architecture documentary series featuring the magnificent residential houses of Asia with heritage values.

These include the black-and-white houses of colonial Singapore, joglos in Indonesia, plantation bungalows in Malaysia, and country manors in Sri Lanka.

The Big Picture

Title: The Big Picture
Duration: 3 X 30’
Production Year: 2014

Synopsis: The Big Picture is a 3-part art documentary series that takes viewers on a journey of nearly five decades of Singapore art and post-independence history.

Listen To Our Walls

Title: Listen To Our Walls
Duration: 6 X 30’
Production Year: 2009

Synopsis: Listen To Our Walls is a 6-part architecture documentary series on Singapore’s Architectural Heritage. The documentary series feature iconic buildings (past, present and future) designed by renowned architects and takes viewers on a journey, revealing rich architectural stories of Singapore.

Lifestyle Titles

Bare Beauty Season 2

Title: Bare Beauty Season 2
Duration: 6 X 30’
Production Year: 2008

Synopsis: We all loved the first season of Bare Beauty and gained invaluable information on how to keep our body, mind and soul beautiful & healthy.

The second season of Bare Beauty promises a similar strong & rich content with some exciting new changes with an irresistible visual aura. In the second season of Bare Beauty we discover our Asian beauty secrets. Drawing from traditional beauty rituals and secrets, viewers are assured that beauty, the natural way, is still the most effective way.

Bare Beauty Season 3

Title: Bare Beauty Season 3
Duration: 8 X 30’
Production Year: 2009

Synopsis: The third season of Bare Beauty is back with fresh brews and new recipes to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and beautiful the natural way!

Bare Beauty the Ambassador series traces the fascinating lives and the natural beauty secrets of an Ambassador’s wife living in Singapore. In each episode we will learn of their colourful culture and traditional beauty rituals from countries like Turkey, Korea, Brazil and many more.

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Travel Titles

Exotic Escapades

Title: Exotic Escapades
Duration: 8 X 30’
Production Year: 2007

Synopsis: Exotic Escapades, is an 8 episode travel series of a voyage of discovery of culture, architecture, food and history, featuring some of the most famous cities in the region as well as more obscure places off the beaten path.

From Malaysia to Indonesia, China and finally India, our host, Anita Kapoor reveals to us some fascinating secrets of these destinations. Exploring the romance, mystery or spirituality of many cultures, Exotic Escapades offers a diverse of experience for the die-hard travelers.

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Short Titles

Once Upon Dance

Title: Once Upon Dance
Duration: 18’
Production Year: 2012

Synopsis: A dance film commissioned by Singapore Arts Festival. The story revisits the roots of an old dance ritual and revealing its myth, two dancers interpret the ritual in nature. A structure created by poles representing a tree of life is the focal point.

Water, ribbons, leaves, sand, stones form their movements. Dancers transform into an existence within and seeking the experience of being alive in the moment while moving through the path with nature.

Worked with dance choreographer Clare Elliott on the various dance sequences. Screened at Singapore Arts Festival and Singapore Night Festival, 2012.

Low Tide

Title: Low Tide
Duration: 2'10"
Production Year: 2008

Synopsis: At low tide many things are revealed.

Take Me Home a.k.a. I Saw Jesus

Title: Take Me Home a.k.a. I Saw Jesus
Duration: 16'16"
Production Year: 2006

Synopsis: Shot entirely on Kodak Super 8mm film. A young woman leaves home to buy cat food and fails to come back home.

Meanwhile her Aunty Valerie waits anxiously for her return. When Aunty Valerie finds a watch in her letterbox, she finally accepts her once lost memories.

Happy Birthday Sharon

Title: Happy Birthday Sharon
Duration: 4'24"
Production Year: 2002

Synopsis: A young woman journeys back to the time when she was a child celebrating her birthday. In Super 8 images, she recollects the time of these parties in what seems to be lost memories.


Title: Daydream
Duration: 4’
Production Year: 2002

Synopsis: The moving images explore the illusions of one’s unconscious world, a daydream of two souls following their senses into the maze of their own reflection.

This short film is a part of dance video installation called ‘Innocence’ mixing Super 8mm film and video; in collaboration with a dancer and a photographer.

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